Important notice: both of our properties are located in car-free zones!

The paid parking zone is in effect on weekdays from Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This is the area characterised by a considerable deficiency in parking spaces. The entrance into the zone is marked with the signs D-44 (parking zone). Parking in the designated parking zone is chargeable. The end of the area with a paid parking zone is marked with the signs D-45 (the end of the parking zone).

IMPORTANT: The signs D-44 are located only in the entrance streets of the paid parking zone. After passing the sign, the drivers are informed about the places in which they can park by means of the sign D-18 (car park). They are not re-informed about the necessity to pay the fee as they were informed about it before, with the sign D-44.


The payment for parking in the paid parking zone can be done:

  • • with money inserted into a parking meter
  • • using a mobile phone through a mobile operator: MobiParking-SkyCash, moBILET, Pango,
  • • by buying a parking subscription,
  • • with the Krakow City Card (option available only in the subzones P1I, P1II, P1III, P1IV, P2 and P3),
  • • with the credit cards such as PayPass, PayWave (option unavailable in the subzones P2, P4, P5, P6I to P6V, P7, P8)

Fees for the successive hours of parking in the zone:

  • • for the first hour – 3,00 zł
  • • for the second hour – 3,50 zł
  • • for the third hour – 4,10 zł
  • • for the fourth and next hours – 3,00 zł

The minimal fee is 1,00 zł and it allows to park for 20 minutes.


The disabled with a valid parking card are authorised to park for free only in the places specially marked for them (the so-called „envelopes”), which means that their parking in other places of the paid parking zone is chargeable.


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